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Launching Weekly Neutrino Weather: A Journey Through Cosmic Energies | 16-23 February 2024

Imprinted by the Cosmos: Navigating the Emotional Climate of Neutrino Weather

A Weekly Reflection on Human Design… 

Most of us assume we live ‘on’ Planet Earth and, in this way, we have ‘our life’ on it. But really it is the other way around: the Earth lives inside of us, we are from it, we are aspects of life, not owners of it. There is an intelligence residing in the depths of Mother Earth that sits in each one of us, and, indeed, in all other manifestations of life, for as long as life sustains us. 

The Human Design approach to self-understanding is about learning to live in tune with this intelligence, honoring it, and nurturing it respectfully. It offers a sharp lens, a clear perspective, on the workings and intelligence of our individual life spark.  

Human Design shows us that the greatest potential we can fulfill during our lifetime is to bring more and more awareness to our experience of daily life as we live it, learning to accept and honor life as a gift. It also helps us appreciate and respect the differences between all of us. It shows us how we are incomparable to one another, and each of us has a role to play in a greater process. 

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The weekly neutrino weather for you…

Neutrinos are important in Human Design cosmology in the sense that they are held to be the operating agent through which we are imprinted by our solar system and the surrounding stellar field, and through which we ourselves are equally imprinting the universe. In other words, neutrinos are the operating agent in our interconnectedness. 

Tens of trillions of neutrinos from the sun are streaming through our bodies every second, but they are so small we cannot feel them. However, it’s not only the sun and other atomic entities that produce them. Even bananas generate neutrinos – they come from the natural radioactivity of the potassium in the fruit.

Initially, the Human Design idea of neutrinos acting as agents seemed implausible since scientists declared that this tiny particle was without mass. So, one might ask: “How can something with no mass carry any kind of data or information?” It has only been more recently that physicists have reversed their position after discovering that neutrinos do have mass.

In Human Design, it is held that these tiny particles, which pass through our bodies every second, carry frequencies coming from our solar system and imprint us with them and, conversely, pick up our frequency to imprint the universe. They guarantee that our existence really matters to the universe. 

Although it seems to us that there are vast distances of apparently empty space between planets, stars, and other heavenly bodies, it is really a dynamic matrix that is very much alive and buzzing, filled with information moving nearly at the speed of light. 

It is my pleasure to introduce you here to the neutrino weather of the week. As we all know, we are not designed to be victims of the weather. We’re here to stand in it as ourselves and as is the case with agriculture, for example, we’re even here to take advantage of it. In terms of Human Design, that means enriching our awareness through it. We can learn to see how it impacts us and differentiate from it by staying honed in ourselves. 

In the video above, I’m sharing some of my reflections on the weekly neutrino weather. 

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A course in Human Design - starting Monday 19th February

During this 6-week course, I will transmit some practical insights into Human Design and use the Bodygraphs of all participants as examples, so you all get deeper insights in your design.

This will give you a clearer understanding of your intrinsic potential, your challenges, and learning school in life.

Super interesting course that delivers on what Dirk promises: the ability to experience the intrigue of using Human Design to better understand ourselves and others. It provides the first key to interpreting it with numerous examples. I was very pleased with the course and the engaging examples that Dirk provided. Thanks for taking the time to organize and share all of this. ;-)” — MAX

This is the proposition during these 6-weeks of exploration together:

  1. INTRODUCTION. What is Human Design and what can it do for you? Introducing aspects of the cosmology. The layout of the Bodygraph. We are a binary consciousness.

  2. NINE CENTEREDNESS. Observing our human experience through a nine centered lens. Emitting or being receptive to energy.

  3. DIFFERENT ORIENTATIONS OF LIFEFORCE. The five energetic types, their different energetic fields, and ways of going about energy. The biopsychological development of our brains in infancy and the settling into the confidence to trust our bodies. Inner and Outer authority.

  4. OUR ESSENCE AND OUR LEARNING SCHOOL IN LIFE. Looking at energetic definition and energetic openness. Introducing the different energetic circuitries that compose a human experience.

  5. THE BODYGRAPH IS A CIRCUIT BOARD. Energetic circuitry and their tuning frequency.

  6. ALLOWING THE BODYGRAPH TO TALK TO YOU. Integrating the information laid out through our journey together and learning to accompany ourselves and others through the lens of Human Design.

Dirk has a way of teaching Human Design, the human way. He is incredibly good at translating the original content to something, for me, digestible.
He reconciled me with HD by not being a Ra clone, by not regurgitating the same stuff in the same way but by being open and introducing another view on the tool.


  • How to make decisions in line with life, based on your own life spark’s intelligence instead of your mind so that you remain aligned to nature.

  • A practical understanding of crucial aspects of a Human Design Bodygraph that will allow you to use the tool in your daily lives and have insights in the nature of those you care for.

  • You’ll start seeing how your uniqueness operates and how it relates to that of others, a crucial aspect of conscious relating. Understanding your energetic receptivity in life.

  • A deeper understanding of your emotional energy field.

  • Practical tools that allow you to gain confidence in who you are as a unique expression of life and love.

  • Tools that allow you to observe and disidentify from your mental construct and access your potential for wisdom.

This course helped me to understand what’s going on with myself and the world. It helped me comprehend why certain things trigger me and explained why I interact in specific ways with people. Ultimately, it truly aided in boosting my confidence and certainty in myself and how I live my life.” — TOM


6 live classes LIVE on Zoom of 90 minutes each
9 HOURS OF LIVE TRAINING + lifetime access to recordings.

Each class recording will include a comprehensive PDF document.
In total, over 90 pages of original training material.

19.02 + 26.02+ 04.03 + 11.03 + 18.03 + 25.03
Each Monday, 18:00 CET | 9:00 AM PT | 12:00 PM ET

€220 one time or €110 in 2 monthly installments
If you need it, use code DIRK at checkout for a €50 discount.

See details and sign-up

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Reflector's Reflections with Dirk Nellens
Human Design Reflector's Reflections with Dirk Nellens
Personal Reflections of Dirk Nellens. This space is dedicated to sharing Human Design insights on our unique way of being, navigating life's energies, and finding harmony in the cosmic dance.